Software and tools I use

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Here is a post about which tools I use (mostly) for work.

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I use to be a GNU/Linux and BSD distro hopper but I realized that I was spending more time on tweaking and hacking my OS than working on my projects. I am now using macOS and I am happy with it. By leaving the endless distro hopping I was into I can now focus on my work and personal projects. I install and remove programs with Homebrew.

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I use macOS default terminal with zsh. I use Oh My Zsh to configure my theme and add plugins. My theme is minimal and my plugins are git and macos. The font of my terminal is beautiful and very readable, it is JetBrains Mono.

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I type almost everything in Vim. I love it. I am starting to feel comfortable with it. I don't have to think what to type anymore and that's pure power and joy. I only added emmet-vim and Lightline as plugins. My .vimrc is 89 lines and I add stuff to it when I discover useful tips or when my needs are evolging. I use Vim for journaling and I recently did some scripting (it was hard) and learned about templates to automate this process (check this article if you want to learn more about it). Netrw, Vim's builtin file explorer, is my friend and I don't need NERDTree. Also, as I want to keep things minimal and because I don't use a lot of plugins, I install it manually without plugins manager.

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My browser is Firefox with these plugins :

My browser is the software that I switch the most. Firefox power consumption makes me switch to Safari every three months and Safari lack of extensions switch back to Firefox three months later. That's why I'm very excited with the Orion browser.

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Working from home, I try to avoid distractions while working and I also use the Pomodoro Technique.

I add tasks to my Taskwarrior todo list. It is configured with Timewarrior to track time I spend on my projects. In addition I use the Taskwarrior Pomodoro, it's the only program allowed to send me notifications while working or studying (when the pomodoro is ending and that I have to take a break). I am really happy with this macOS Monterey setting that allows you to finely configure which program can send you notifications depending on your focus settings. With this technique I can focus on my tasks, I only check and answer my emails and text messages during the breaks. Working with this technique is also in my view a good reminder to take rest, and you know that rest is important.

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